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EarthARC = Awareness + Recognition + Conservation

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Level Up

How Can EarthARC Help You Level Up?

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Meet Gary



I have spent nearly 30 years working in television and film production as a cinematographer. It was through several projects that I had the privilege to travel around the world and to interact with the natural world in ways that opened my eyes and ignited a passion for outdoor activity and conservation. Backpacking became my obsession and section hiking some of America’s magnificent long distance trails continually dominate my free time and weekends. The National Parks are my playground and I still get so excited as soon as I drive through that entry gate, park map in hand, and head for the next trailhead. It’s this childlike excitement to explore and to protect these wild places that I want to share with you…

Meet Josh



I have always worked to stay at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, having worked in VR filmmaking, integrated marketing, cinematography and photojournalism. My work has led me around the world to bridge the gap between an individual’s unique story and innovative communication techniques. I am a National Geographic Explorer, cave diver and a professional scuba instructor and spend much of my time in and around the water, the focus for much of my work. My love for the water, combined with my passion for education led me to teach underwater cinematography at the collegiate level and also to lead photo and film workshops in Australia, Belize and Yellowstone National Park for National Geographic Student Expeditions.




We, here at EarthARC, are storytellers and we know that the most important story is your own. Let us join you on this journey as we all become wiser stewards of earth together. Let’s sip on some chai and discuss.